Good photography is the key to our human emotions and to the success of our projects. We have experience and will assist you in:

  • Portrait/ overall performance
  • Presentation of the team
  • Production of portfolio
  • Presentation of products and services
  • Capturing events
  • Artistic photography – especially for people occupations and fields of activity of creative and artistic focus who would like to express in such format personal feelings and emotions.


We will dive and experience the emotion of photography with you to help you have photos that feature individuality, touch, excite and tell a story…



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Niki Shumanova is a wonderful person who managed to reach the most subtle way to the innermost of the model and deliver beautifully and professionally that emotion into your shots. The shooting day with Niki is pure magic! I wish her many more times in the future!

Desislava Doncheva – Operations Manager, Hewlett Packard GDBS

Niki … when I saw her for the first time grabbed me with tenderness, undying big smile and that light and pleasant atmosphere that always creates with his presence. For me it is not enough the word “professional” because it moisture soul at work and always manages to recreate human how he is. Everyone worries while shooting, but it has that special ability to predispose model to relax and even to He laughs heartily.  I do not know how she does it, but the fact is that  she always manages to do it!!! For me it is a real adventure to work with her, as a  make-up artist and model.

Zori Hristova – makeup artist

Life is a gift and will be wasted unless it is lived as it should. Meaningful life is a life with goals that inspire and satisfy. Niki, my dear … Hold tight  the camera! She has found her master!

Acad. Ivan Todorov

For more than a decade Niki Shumanova is an integral part of the International Folklore Festival Primorsko. Its lens was able to capture and immortalize the soul of hundreds of participants from around the world. Tireless hearts, Niki inspires all around him and elevates art to a new professional level. It is an example that when talent is supported with diligence, the results surpassed all expectations.

Dear Niki, keep enlighten our lives through your lens!

Dr. Irina Yanakieva – Chairman of the “Europe”

Niki is someone who works with a lot of enthusiasm and a smile. Anyone who has stood in front of her lens, certainly felt the creative charge that works. From the birth of the idea to shoot to the final result, not a single element that can be made without the dedication and desire. Perhaps this is why so easy to relax in front of the camera lens, not every professional manages to predispose so easy. And most importantly – when you get the pictures you do not even felt how wide is her smile!

Ivaylo Georgiev – Head and founder of the School of Bulgarian folk “Eremia”

I used the services of Nicky Shumanova to capture my team. I received a professional performance in frames. But that was not all. The emotion and excitement of experiencing long hold my employees and offices filled with positive charge.

Irina Hristova – Executive Director of Financial House “Ever” JSC

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